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Need a little inspiration? Check out these short stories, videos, and podcasts containing bite-sized concepts and strategies for doing more good.

Webinars and Videos

BOOKShelf with Tammy Day
NCF Spotlight: Tammy Day, Author of “Philanthropy for All” 

Podcasts Appearances

Agency for Change: Changemaker Tammy Day
Agency for Change: Changemakers Brandon and Tammy Day, Owners of Daycos
ROI of Why Podcast: S01E09 – Going All In with Brandon and Tammy Day
The Stream of Concscience Podcast: Inspiring Employee Driven Impact with Daycos

Philanthropy Organizations

These resources are a great place to start if you want to dig into the details and connect with others doing good.

Nebraska Community Foundation
Do More Good Bookstore
Philanthropy Council of Northeast Nebraska