Philanthropy isn’t just about billionaires, giving pledges, and black-tie fundraising galas. This book demonstrates how every single person can make their community a better place—large novelty checks and tuxedos not required!

In Philanthropy for All, Tammy Day demonstrates that philanthropy really is for everyone, not just the wealthy. She redefines philanthropy in a way that makes it accessible for everybody and challenges the perception that philanthropy and giving back is just about money.  

Philanthropy for All provides a call to action for all people to get involved in giving back and outlines practical strategies that make impactful giving back achievable for anyone. This book expands your understanding of philanthropy and helps you discover how to use give-back strategies—like building relationships, engaging youth, and creating a culture of giving—to foster change and create a brighter, more hopeful future.   

In a time when our communities, our country, and the world face challenges that leave many people feeling helpless and uncertain, this book helps you expand your toolset and take action to make things better. Philanthropy for All broadens our understanding of what philanthropy can do and provides concrete stories and concepts to help you share your gifts.